Language Efficiencies and Mandatory Subjects.

This course investigates the nature of language change, how to determine a language's history, its relationship to other languages and the search for common ancestors or "proto-languages.

 Introduction to the core concepts of linguistic anthropology, definitions of language, basic methods of linguistic anthropology (observation, transcription, analysis, ethnography.)


Program is designed to equip learners with adequate and relevant competencies to teach English , and the Other Mandatory Subjects that includes in the said Trivia. 

The concept of communicative efficiency has garnered increased attention in recent years. It has been suggested that language users behave effectively, devoting less energy to articulation and processing, and that language usage and structure reflect this trend. Several studies on effective language use in morphosyntax, conversation, phonology, and the lexicon of several languages have been made possible by the advent of fresh corpus data. Our research provides an overview of communication efficiency in human languages, emphasizing instances of effective language usage discovered in multilingual corpora. Based on available data, efficiency appears to be a universal characteristic of human language. We give a summary of the various efficiency manifestations at various language structure levels and talk about the key issues and discoveries so, far, some of which are addressed for the first time in the contributions in this special collection.

MetaMonarchIX · November 19, 2023

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