OpenAI Working on ChatGPT Premium version

OpenAI, a company that created a computer program called ChatGPT that can write different types of text, write essays, emails, poems and even computer code, is planning to start charging money for it. They are creating a special version called ChatGPT Professional that will have extra features and they’re asking people what they would like to see in it and how much they would pay for it. They’re also testing a pilot version of this special program but it’s not yet available to everyone. They’re doing this to make sure the program will be successful in the future.

The company OpenAI is asking people to sign up for a waitlist for their special version of ChatGPT called ChatGPT Professional. They are listing the benefits of this version, which include no time out, when it won’t be available, no limits on usage and the ability to send more messages than the regular version. They are also saying that some people who sign up for the waitlist may be chosen to test the program but that it’s not yet available for everyone.

As of December, a lot of people (over a million) were using the ChatGPT program. However, it’s expensive to run the program. The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, said that the costs to run the program is very high and it amounts to a few cents per chat. This is because the program is being hosted by Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

OpenAI is under pressure to turn a profit on products like ChatGPT ahead of a rumore $10 billion investment from Microsoft. OpenAI expects to make $200 million in 2023, a small amount compared to the more than $1 billion that’s been invested in the startup so far.

OpenAI has a different way of organizing their company compared to others, it’s called a “capped-profit” model. This means that the people who invested in the company will only get back up to 100 times their investment or less in the future.

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