Discover the Adorable New Social Networking App: Bondee – Learn Everything You Need to Know

What is Bondee

If you’ve noticed your friends posting cute avatar cards on social media and were curious about it, it’s because they have joined the Bondee trend.

Bondee is a virtual social app developed by Singapore-based tech company Metadream. Launched in January, it is a social networking platform that allows users to communicate and interact with their friends in a virtual world setting.

Basically, it’s like The Sims or Roblox with a social media aspect. Users can create their own avatars, decorate their virtual rooms, and socialize with friends all within the Bondee universe.

The app is available for download on the Google Play Store and the App Store.Once downloaded, users will be prompted to sign up with their mobile number and choose a nickname and user ID.

Bondee allows friends to connect with each other by scanning a QR code or by entering a user ID. This allows users to appear in the same virtual space and see each other’s activity. Additionally, Bondee features an instant messaging platform for chatting with friends.

In addition to chatting, Bondee offers customized emojis and actions that can be used in chats. These include activities such as sitting on a sofa, camping, having a picnic, dancing at a club, and sitting on a swing. Users can also perform individual actions such as standing, sitting on the floor, sitting on a beanbag, rocking in a rocking chair, reading books, sitting on piles of cash, sitting on jelly, and sitting on a toilet.

Users can use a sailing function that allows their avatars to venture out into the digital world and meet random users that they can befriend.Additionally, users can discover random notes floating in the virtual sea and potentially win prizes, such as new gear for their avatars.

Currently, a maximum of 50 friends can be added in Bondee.

How do I design my room in Bondee?
Once an avatar is created, users can personalize their virtual room by selecting from a variety of furniture and accessories, including bookshelves, TVs, desks, sofas, potted plants, and musical instruments. One of the most customizable aspects of the room is the posters, which users can upload their own images for.

Once you add friends on Bondee, you can see your room and your friends’ rooms together like a building with many floors.

Do I have to pay for Bondee?

The Bondee app is free to download but it offers in-app purchases where users can buy “B-Beans” using real money. Some clothes in the app are available for a temporary free trial, which may need to be purchased once the trial period ends.

Metadream, the company behind Bondee, is currently developing and operating the app in Japan and South Korea where it has bases for product development, research, and operations. According to a press release, Metadream plans to establish new operation centers in Thailand and the Philippines to meet the needs of local users. The company also operates three independent data centers in Singapore, Japan, and the United States. The official Bondee website is also advertising job openings in San Francisco and Seoul.

In addition to running Bondee, Metadream says it’s currently “developing a series of metaverse creative products”.

If you’re thinking about where to get started, here are some examples by other users for avatar inspiration:

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