Upgrade Your Tweet Game: Twitter Blue Has Arrived in the Philippines with Exclusive Features!

Twitter Blue now available in the Philippines

Whether we like it or not, we’re in an age where social media applications are releasing premium features and locking them behind a paywall. Things we once used to take for granted now want a slice of our hard-earned money. Well, Twitter Blue is now in the Philippines to compete with the other available subscription services. So, what’s in it for you and how much will it cost? Let’s find out!

If you sign up for Twitter Blue in the Philippines, you’ll get access to some special features. The exact features available may vary depending on your location, but here are some of the best ones: You’ll be able to undo or edit your Tweets after posting them, just like an email. Plus, you’ll have more space to write with a character limit of 4,000 instead of the usual 280 for free users. You can also upload longer videos, and have the option to use NFT profile pictures.

One of the cool things about Twitter Blue in the Philippines is that when you reply to someone’s public Tweet, your response will be placed at the top for others to see. This is because Twitter’s algorithm will prioritize your reply over others. However, there’s also some controversy around the fact that only Twitter Blue users will have access to SMS two-factor authentication, which is considered an important security feature.

Twitter Blue in the Philippines will cost PHP 440/month, but those who get a yearly plan will be charged PHP 4,600 annually. That brings the monthly charge down to around PHP 383.33.

Whether or not Twitter Blue in the Philippines is worth the cost will depend on how much you use Twitter and whether you need the extra features. Business accounts may find it useful to have a subscription to access the premium features.

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